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Spanish Town - Jewish Cemetery Consecrated For Burial of Yosef Robinson

Aug 27, 2010
Spanish Town - One week after the tragic murder that shook New York’s frum community to its core, Yosef Robinson received a proper Jewish burial in his native Jamaica.  Robinson, a ger tzedek, was gunned down last Thursday night in a botched robbery attempt at MB Vineyards on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue J in Flatbush.

While Robinson had expressed his desire to be buried according to Jewish law, there was concern that the Robinson family would not allow the wishes of the niftar to be fulfilled.  While there is a Jewish cemetery in Hunt’s Bay, Jamaica, the Robinson family was adamant that Yosef be buried in the family burial plot on the family estate.  Chesed Shel Emes worked tirelessly to arrange a burial that would be respectful of the Robinson family, while at the same time honoring Robinson’s wish to be buried as a Jew.  An agreement was made to set aside a portion of the family burial plot as a separate cemetery, thereby creating a Jewish cemetery for Robinson’s burial.

Two days after more then one thousand attended a standing room only levaya for Robinson at Brooklyn’s Shomrei Hadas, a delegation of eleven men set out for Jamaica to bury Robinson in his native land.  After setting out from New York at 2 AM, the team arrived in Jamaica at 6 AM and stopped in Kingston for Shachris,  Daf Yomi and a fasting until after burial.

Robinson’s body was then brought to the family estate in Spanish Town, located two hours away, where Yosef Robinson was buried according to halacha, in the newly consecrated Jewish cemetery.