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Chesed Shel Emes working to preserve Kavod Hames for a Orthodox Doctor From NY who Died Hiking Washington Volcano

Dec 13, 2011 -Sandy Eller/

Ashford, WA - The body of a 54 year old New Rochelle, NY psychiatrist who was visiting the Washington area was recovered today from an area of difficult terrain on the south side of Mount Rainier.

A search and rescue mission was called on Monday morning after Dr. Brian Shaul Grobois (gro-bwah) failed to return home from a day of snowshoeing this past Sunday.  His body was spotted lying in the snow at an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet late Monday but a rescue operation was deemed unsafe due to the treacherous night time conditions.  Grobois was pronounced dead on arrival at Madigan Army Medical Center located outside Tacoma after being airlifted from Mount Rainier on Tuesday morning.  A park spokesperson estimated Grobois’ time of death at least twenty four hours earlier and his cause of death remains unknown.

The father of two was a member of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, the Mesorah Society for Traditional Judaism and Psychiatry and a professional affiliate of the American Association for Pastoral Counselors, who according to one of his colleagues, was able to use his own sensitivity as an Orthodox Jew to address both the psychological and religious needs of his patients.

Chesed Shel Emes of NY is assisting the family with all necessary arrangements & is in contact with the local law enforcement authorities as well as the Medical Examiners Office, to get the Body released as soon as possible, in order for it to be flown back for burial.

UPDATE 12/14/11 12:00PM:
Unfortunately, the Medical Examiner did not want to honor the religious objection to the autopsy that was issued by Chesed Shel Emes on behalf of the grieving family, so Chesed Shel Emes had to hire an attorney to call an emergency session before a judge, and get the judge to issue a legal objection to the autopsy. The Emergency session should be held shortly.

UPDATE 12/14/11 5:00PM:
The judge issued a stop order to the autopsy, the attorney ran to serve the papers to the Medical Examiner and caught him on the way to start the autopsy, and thanks G-d the autopsy was prevented for the moment.

UPDATE 12/15/11 9:00AM:
The Medical Examiner is still insisting on an autopsy, he filed papers to fight for it. But Chesed Shel Emes is fighting on until we will prevail and have the Kavod Hameis preserved. The court hearing is scheduled for later today. Check Back for updates.

UPDATE 12/15/11 5:00PM:
The CSE attorney presented the case to the judge on why we are objecting to the autopsy, the judge ruled to the favor of Chesed Shel Emes. but then the judge gave the Medical Examiner until tomorrow 10:00 AM to appeal the dicision.
The Medical Examiner filed a motion to appeal the decision right away, which will bring Chesed Shel Emes back to court Tommorow at 10:00 AM.

Stay Tuned...