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Hamodia - Hakamas Matzeivah For Mesei Mitzvah In Upstate New York

Dec 30, 2015
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Hakamas Matzeivah For Mesei Mitzvah In Upstate New York On Sunday, December 27, Chesed Shel Emes held a hakamas matzeivah at its two cemetery plots, in Liberty and Woodridge, New York, for 100 mesei mitzvah that the organization helped bring to kever Yisrael. Chesed Shel Emes was established about 25 years ago, with the goal of taking care of every single Yiddishe neshamah, especially those who don’t have someone to deal with the details of his or her burial, for whatever reason. The organization will undertake the proper burial of a niftar whose family wishes to cremate the body, and covers all the expenses for the kevurah. Since its inception, it has been running, with amazing hashgachah pratis, under the leadership of its tireless founder, the personification of chessed, Rabbi Mendel Rosenberg. Chesed shel Emes is staffed by about 500 volunteers — there is absolutely no one on payroll. Volunteers in update New York take care of the levayos, and bachurim from the yeshivah in Mountaindale make sure there is a minyan for each levayah. Other volunteers say Kaddish and learn mishnayos for the niftarim, and yahrtzeits are observed. Chesed shel Emes was using a plot in a cemetery in Liberty until the end of 2014. Since that area filled up, a new cemetery was opened in Woodridge, New York. Sunday’s hakamas matzeivah set up gravestones for bodies that were buried since September of 2014, in both of these cemeteries. Each niftar receives a separate matzeivah — including the name of the niftar, whenever possible, and the state where he passed away. Sunday’s program featured the hakamas matzeivos, followed by a seudah in the Kerestirer shul in Woodridge, with emcee Rabbi Binyamin Knoblic. Speakers included the Woodridge Rebbe, Harav Yitzchok Lebowitz, who spoke about the important work of Chesed shel Emes; Rabbi Mendy Rosenberg, director of Chesed shel Emes, and the Rosh Yeshivah of the Yeshiva of Mountaindale, Harav Shraga Meir Rosenbloom, who spoke about the special zechus that his bachurim are able to help out this worthy organization. Finally, Chesed Shel Emes upstate supervisor, Mr. Chaim Meir Neiman, presented gifts to the upstate New York volunteers. The seudah concluded with bentching, led by Harav Chananya Gross, the Kerestirer Rebbe.