Chesed Shel Emes has its own "Chevra Mishnayos". There are designated volunteers who learn Mishnayos and say Kadish in memory of all the Meisei Mitzva who have no family to learn mishnayos or say kaddish for their neshamos. They have a list with the names of all Meisei Mitzva, the list is updated monthly to add the names of the most recent niftarim.

Many special people have joined Chesed Shel Emes' Chevra Mishnayos and graciously taken upon themselves to observe the yahrtzeit of those that don't have their own relatives to do so. This includes reciting Kaddish and learning Mishnayos.

Every year there is a Siyum Mishnayos dedicated to all meisei mitzvah, attended by all volunteers of Chesed Shel Emes and many notable Rabbonim.